Set Sail or Burn the Ship?

Setting SailWe’re still figuring out where we’re going to go with Windhaven this year. It’s admittedly possible that we’re done. We just don’t know. But if we are to end it, we’re going put it to bed only after a long, thoughtful, and detailed, examination; all predicated on the question, “Is it better to set sail or burn the ship?”

Only time will tell, of course.

We’re good at making plans, but terrible at carrying them through. Honestly, the last couple of years have been hard for us. Our creative and spiritual stores are depleted. We’re wondering where to go from here; not just artistically, but as human beings. It’s not a good position to be in, deciding whether to fight or to just give up.

I don’t mention any of this to illicit sympathy. I’m just telling you where we’re coming from. We’ve fought a long, hard fight over the last couple of years. It’s taken a lot out of us. More than anything, we’re just tired. Let’s face it, music doesn’t pay the bills until you reach a certain level of success. But sometimes you’re so busy trying to pay the bills that you don’t have time to pursue the success that’ll help you pay the bills.

So, I suppose if nothing else Windhaven has just become even more of a vanity project than it ever was. That can be liberating. Once you accept that you’ll never make a living from your art, it’s at least theoretically possible that you’ve been freed from any commercial obligations you may have incurred. In short, if you’re doing it for yourself, regardless of whether anyone will ever hear it, is that not a purer form of art?

All I’ll say in closing is that we have some plans. I’m not going to talk about them, though. We do enough talking, and not nearly enough doing.

When I got up this morning, I had a snippet from one of my old poems stuck in my head. I’ll close with that. Make of it what you will.

I may never fly
and I may never sing,
but I am alive,
and safe in my domain…

With love,

Wicasta & Victoria

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Depending upon whom you ask, Wicasta Lovelace is an author, musician, artist, web designer and/or delusional lunatic (which one he is at any given moment depends upon the day of the week, really). You can find him on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Wicasta is working on several novels and recording music. He is the principle editor of the Malleus Maleficarum project, lead author at PaganCentric, curator at Mama Peggy, and systems engineer at Floozees Doozees.
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