We’re Moving On to Our Next Great Adventure

This is just a quick reminder that we’re closing the books on Windhaven on January 1st, 2018. Here’s what that means…

All of our future efforts will be documented at Wicasta.com. Blogs, photos, music, t-shirts, well-intentioned but misplaced hysteria… it’ll all be over there.

As well, this web site will be archived at Windhaven.Wicasta.com. Maybe we’ll delete it someday, but we’re having a hard time letting go right now. We loved the color scheme of the web site, and thought maybe we could use it elsewhere. But with the Windhaven.us domain name coming up for renewal with a month or two, it just doesn’t make any sense to keep flogging a dead horse (proverbially speaking).

Anyway, here’s your fair warning. If you’re one of those brave souls who still ventures here, within a month or so there won’t be anything to see. But, thanks to this handy post, you’ll know where to find us. We hope you’ll join your intrepid explorers on our next great adventure.

Our Next Great Adventure

About Wicasta

Depending upon whom you ask, Wicasta Lovelace is an author, musician, artist, web designer and/or delusional lunatic (which one he is at any given moment depends upon the day of the week, really). You can find him on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Wicasta is working on several novels and recording music. He is the principle editor of the Malleus Maleficarum project, lead author at PaganCentric, curator at Mama Peggy, and systems engineer at Floozees Doozees.
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