Meet the Band

Windhaven performing at Market On 7th, Ybor City, Florida

Windhaven plays an eclectic mixture of old favorites and contemporary songs, with a few more originals thrown in than is entirely healthy. We started out basing their music around the 6- and 12-string acoustic guitar work of Wicasta Lovelace, with vocal duties split between Wicasta and the lovely Victoria Sadler Lovelace, who brought in percussion elements with shakers, tambourines and other percussive gizmos, but we got tired of the acoustic thing fairly quickly. Some ideas are just too grand to work on an acoustic guitar.

While we’re not very comfortable with talking about ourselves, we realize that it’s pretty much expected that one must meet the band. People want to know more about you when you’re on-stage and creating music that speaks to them in some fashion. Hopefully, what we’ve included below will be enough to satisfy your curiosity. Honestly, if we go much farther we’ll just start making stuff up.


Victoria Sadler  

Victoria Sadler Lovelace

Vocals, piano, percussion

Wicasta Lovelace  

Wicasta Lovelace

Vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard

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